Water Remediation

Status update

Wednesday 29 November 2017 

  • Work is now underway to replace brass components of thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) assembly boxes at Perth Children's Hospital (PCH) with a custom-made plastic configuration.
  • A Western Australian company – Australian Valve Group (AVG) – has been chosen to supply the plastic configurations for approximately 1,400 TMV assembly boxes at PCH.
  • The decision follows a thorough analysis of local and international suppliers, expert advice and risk assessment, and extensive analysis, testing and installation of alternative components, including stainless steel.
  • The plastic product was found to be the most efficient alternative and will allow the manufacturing process to be conducted in Western Australia, enabling greater control over the delivery program and a quicker start on the production of the units.
  • This replacement option addresses the Chief Health Officer's (CHO) recommendation to remove all TMV assembly boxes linked to drinking water outlets at PCH. It will also remove non-compliant components contained within the boxes.
  • Prototypes of plastic configurations have already been successfully installed at PCH as part of the recent testing process.
  • The custom-made units will be manufactured and delivered in batches to ensure that the replacement can be undertaken as quickly as possible. AVG has submitted a manufacture, assembly and delivery program. It is anticipated that all the units will be delivered by early March.
  • Water sampling and analysis continues to show encouraging results and trends of reduced lead concentration where the TMV assembly boxes have been replaced with non-brass alternatives.
  • On November 8, water testing was conducted at 33 locations within the hospital, chosen due to previously high levels of lead exceedances. A variety of changes (such as replacing the assembly box components and/or tap spouts) had been made at these locations.
  • These results showed 32 of the 33 locations passing based on a methodology consistent with that used by the CHO. The location that failed was a location not connected to an assembly box replacement.
  • We are therefore now confident that PCH is on track to accept its first patients in May 2018.
  • As previously announced, the hospital will have a staged opening, with the final move day anticipated on a Sunday in June.
  • Polyphosphate is continuing to be applied to treat the dezincification of brass fittings within the internal PCH reticulation system.
  • Work is also being undertaken to remediate the locations with confirmed instances of Legionella exceedance at water outlets previously reported. This will continue as we decommission and recommission plumbing fittings across the building.
  • Testing for Legionella is part of a standard testing regime in all hospitals as part of routine water management, and the results detected were at the low end of the accepted scale.
  • There is no risk to staff as the water at PCH is not currently in use. The treatment of the water system will not delay opening of the hospital.
  • A clear plan of action is now in progress to address the CHO's recommendations and to complete the water remediation works.

For more information download the FAQs and previous updates on PCH’s water quality.  


Water quality at PCH

Chief Health Officer review into lead at Perth Children's Hospital
Friday, 11 August 2017

At the request of the Deputy Premier and Minister for Health, Hon Roger Cook, the Chief Health Officer, Professor Tarun Weeramanthri, conducted a review of the strategies used to remediate the high lead levels present in the water supply at the Perth Children’s Hospital.    


The conclusions of this independent review, along with its recommendations, are contained in the report below.


Report on Perth Children's Hospital Potable Water - Chief Health Officer Review

.PDF file (13.19MB)

August 11, 2017



FAQs regarding the CHO’s report and regarding water quality at PCH can be found here.

Perth Children's Hospital update
Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The State Government has released a technical report analysing ongoing water quality issues at Perth Children's Hospital. Read the media statement here.

The Jacobs Report has been developed by the Department of Treasury's hydraulic engineering adviser and provides a holistic view of water quality issues to date, and recommendations beyond practical completion.

The report and other supplementary documentation is below.

Please note, the Jacobs Report appendices can be obtained upon request. 

For a copy of the document, please email your mailing address to perthchildrenshospital.enquiries@health.wa.gov.au.  

  1. Jacobs Report
    .pdf file (966.50 KB)
    May 03, 2017
  2. ChemCentre Report
    .pdf file (6.02 MB)
    May 03, 2017
  1. Treasury Presentation 11 May 2017
    .pdf file (761.01 KB)
    May 11, 2017
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